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Optometry Board Policy
Prescribing Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agents

Prescriptions for therapeutic pharmaceutical agents may be written or telephoned.

Therapeutic certified optometrists should not discourage patients from requesting a written prescription or urge them to fill prescriptions from an establishment which has a direct telephone line or which has entered into a preferential arrangement with the optometrist with respect to the filling of the optometrist's prescriptions.

Refills may not exceed a twelve month period.

Each written prescription shall be dated and signed by the prescribing optometrist on the day when issued and shall bear the full name and address of the person for whom the agent(s) is prescribed and the full name, address and therapeutic certificate number (including the letter "T") of the prescribing optometrist.

A therapeutic certified optometrist may prescribe therapeutic pharmaceutical agents for a family member or themselves, provided:

  1. The agent has been prescribed for the purposes of:

    • a. Examination, investigation, diagnosis, or prevention of any disease, injury, or other abnormal condition of the visual system;

    • b. Treatment or cure of any disease, injury, or other abnormal condition of the anterior segment of the human eye.

  2. The optometrist maintains a patient record for the family member and himself/herself, which includes a record of each prescribed agent.

  3. The prescribed agent is included in the definition of "Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agent" as defined in Section 4725.01(C) O.R.C. or approved as a therapeutic pharmaceutical agent by the State Board of Optometry by rule adopted pursuant to Section 4725.01(C)(3) O.R.C. and Chapter 119 O.R.C.

A therapeutic certified optometrist must comply with all provisions of Rule 4725-5-19 concerning dispensing controlled substances for self or family members.

Adopted 1-22-93
Revised 8-12-09