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  • DO take advantage of the use of the OE Tracker program. (see Board's website www.optometry.ohio.gov) Not mandatory but encouraged.

  • DO remember that all hours must be taken between October 1st and September 30th of the current continuing education period to avoid late fees.

  • DON'T submit a certificate of attendance unless it is Board approved or COPE approved.

  • DO utilize the Board's website (www.optometry.ohio.gov) to determine which courses have been approved by the Board. COPE approved courses can be viewed at www.arbo.org.

  • DON'T submit more than two hours of practice management and/or ethics jurisprudence or one hour in each category per C.E. period.

  • DO make sure each sponsor provides you with an appropriate attendance certificate for submission to the Board or upload to OE Tracker.

  • DO submit the required hours: 25 hours which must include 10 hours in the field of pharmacology.

  • DO submit your continuing education as soon as you have completed all of your required hours. DON'T wait until the end of the continuing education period.

  • DO include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you want a receipt confirming the hours were received by the Board.

  • DO check with the Board prior to taking any course if you are unsure if you will receive credit for the course.

  • DO remember these hints when completing your continuing education:

    • You may utilize up to 10 hours of correspondence, internet, cassette, CD-Rom or webinar courses. Credit will be given when the course is graded by an accredited optometric college as approved by the Board.

    • You may utilize up to 8 hours of grand rounds or surgery observation. You must choose for your observation someone who is on the approved list.

    • CPR re-certification is acceptable once every two years and counts for up to 3 hours of credit. A copy of your CPR card is your proof of attendance.